Welcome to Your Joyful Life After Cancer! 

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For Survivors and Supporters of Cancer

Krista Thorne is a cancer survivor.  Receiving a bone marrow transplant in 1990 for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Krista champions cancer survivorship-for both survivors and supporters-and dedicates her life to helping other champions through the difficult stages after their treatment is done.  Krista has studied, learned and worked at the Stanford School of Medicine, Oregon Health Science University,  VA Palo Alto (CA) and Portland (OR),  Fielding Graduate University, and Santa Clara University, all with the aim of a creating a way for survivors and their supporters to avoid the shattering impact of moving on after treatment.  Well, she did and she wants to share it with you.

Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.
— John F. Kennedy

Krista Thorne is the creator of Your Joyful Life After Cancer Program, serving survivors and supporters navigating the vast, unfamiliar environment after treatment.  Krista and her family received strong support during treatment,  but when she was told she could go home, a growing panic set in.  With few options for help after treatment, Krista was thrust into a disorienting world with the task of rectifying her life before cancer with the realities of recent experience.  Krista was forced to heal herself-body, mind, and spirit...on her own. 

She is ready to help you with what she's learned and created and guide you carefully forward so fear, struggle, anger, and depression become important information rather than overwhelming obstacles.   Krista works with survivors and supporters through workshops, groups, courses, individual coaching, and books that put you in control to lead the amazing life that's waiting for you!  Start by exploring product and coaching packages below!