Welcome!  I'm Krista.  My life, like yours, has been interrupted on occasion by all sorts of unplanned events.  I help people get through and beyond these events--beautifully!  Change happens, it's how you respond to change that makes the difference between feeling sad and scrooge-y to feeling joyful, purposeful, and happy.  Life interruptions provide tremendous opportunity to completely move your life out of the "ho hum" and into the AMAZING! (See more at my blog.)

Why do I do this?  My main motivation for striking out on my own--living my own amazing life--is to help people whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer.  Myself, I'm a 28-year cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor (you can read more here).  I've been through multiple unwanted events but have learned how to weave each one into an tapestry of AMAZING!

Boring stuff--I've studied, researched, taught, authored, spoken, and practiced psychology, counseling, health, and coaching for 27 years (you can read more of the boring stuff here).  Now to the exciting stuff--throughout my work I began to notice that the stages and phases that cancer survivors navigate are very similar, albeit qualitatively different,  to transitional stages that occur throughout life, difficulties we face, or growth that must happen.  The common factor is change.  There's no other diagnosis that rips you out of life as you know it and forces more change than the big "C."

For cancer patients and families, the change is an unwanted, terrible, "monster-in-the-closet" surprise.  But many people don't know or understand what a patient goes through after the treatments are done and he or she goes home.  Most supporters take a deep breath and say silently, "Whew, thank goodness [his/her] ordeal is over."  Not so, it's just the beginning.  The survivor's task is balancing the expectations to be healthy and "get back to a normal life," with the reality that, fundamentally, things have changed, a lot!  For the survivor, this part of the journey may be the most difficult and daunting of them all.   It's a journey many survivors take silently, on their own, without the immediate support of family and friends or providers. 

Cancer changes you, but many times you don't understand how it has changed you and you're still dealing with fear, uncertainty, and-- frankly--disorientation.  The body takes the brunt of treatment but the mind and psyche take a long time to catch up to it.  When this happens you suddenly realize the tremendous enormity and aching of it all, leaving you to figure out "What the hell just happened to me?" and, "What does it mean?" and "What am I supposed to do with this information?" 

Having traveled this path, I know it's about figuring out what it is that you want to keep as part of your identity, choosing to become more than the "you before cancer,"  and throwing the junk that no longer serves you out the window.  It's about not feeling bad about it and building a new you the way you want--TREMENDOUS!  And yes, as far away and impossible as it sounds now, it is possible, it is reachable, and it's waiting for you!   It's my goal to see that every survivor begin to feel the strength and power inside them, to not be stranded on this path alone, and to choose to live the life of AMAZING! 

This is my mission in life: 

Inspire and assist cancer survivors and supporters to reveal their true, radiant selves, and experience new levels of freedom  and joy through coaching, groups, classes, books, speaking, and advocating.

I work with people individually and also through workshops and groups.  Contact me here, or even better, book a 45-minute My Joyful Life After Cancer Strategic Session at a significantly reduced rate here to see how you can turn your post-cancer life into exactly what you want--AMAZING!!  Contact me now, what have you got to lose (see above: sad & scrooge-y)!

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